Nylon Video Premiere

Fun fact: The new Heloise & The Savoir Faire music video was shot entirely on a cell phone. Yes, a cell phone.

“The fireworks were shot on a phone this past Fourth of July in Greenpoint, Brooklyn overlooking midtown Manhattan. The stuff with me was shot last month on the same roof and our apartment–it’s me with George [Maracineanu]’s phone in the bathroom,” explains Heloise Williams, lead singer and namesake of the Brooklyn-based band, of the video for “Vibezz”.

But just as the Debbie Harry favorite can take simple disco beats and make them more than just dance tracks, so too can something as lo-fi as grainy camera phone footage become an engaging, artsy music video. (As Williams puts it, “It didn’t look like fireworks–it looked like abstract paintings come to life.”)

The single, off of Heloise & the Savoir Faire’s long-awaited sophomore albumDiamond Dust that’s out next year, is in part inspired by Prometheus. “I sort of took that idea and thought of the fire as passion which can feel like it’s coming out of nowhere–like the heat that you feel when you first fall in love and how that passion is so intense and powerful and fleeting and it can also feel like it’s killing you when it leaves,” says the singer. But then the movie came out and instead the band went with the name “Vibezz,” which was what they were calling it in the studio.

“People talk about vibes all the time but it’s weird to really think about what that is,” says Williams, before adding, “Am I getting too vague and freaky and the same time? That’s probably my vibe!”

As for the vibe of this music video, which we’ve got the exclusive premiere? Sleek, sparkly, and totally danceable.