AOL Spinner Features Time Lords

Artist: Heloise & the Savoir Faire
Hails From: Brooklyn/Burlington
Song: “Time Lords”
Album: Diamond Dust (out March 26)
Sounds Like: M83Imogen Heap
In Their Words: “When I wrote ‘Time Lords,’ my first intention was to reference the idea of soulmates. The song is sung from the perspective of an omniscient mother/lover figure, about the idea of evolving into one another and giving birth to one another. The natural world and images of space are things that I sort of trip out on a lot, because they are just so beautiful, and I like thinking that we are all part of this micro/macro cosmic thing. Also, I love science fiction (Dr. Who, obviously) and am really into the whole multiverse/we are wave forms idea, and that one day human beings will achieve higher consciousness and be able to space/time travel.” — Heloise Williams

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